Mold Removal Home Remedies


When you consider how dangerous black mold (stachybotrys chartarum) really is, it often surprises me that so many people will do quite a bit of research just to find out what sort of home removal remedies there are for black mold removal. Of course I also understand the need, since commercial products can be extremely expensive for those of us who are on a strict budget. Yet is it really worth the risk?

Almost everyone has probably experienced stachybotrys chartarum at least once in his or her lifetime. Just stop and think about it. Have you ever had what seemed like an allergy that just wouldn’t go away no matter what you did? Or maybe you had a cough that you could have sworn was a chronic illness that you misdiagnosed because you refused to see a doctor and find the real cause of the problem. If so, you’re not alone, but there lies the problem.

You see we often believe that what we think is something we can remedy ourselves, can actually end up being one of the biggest mistakes made. Now it certainly doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t put our trust in Mother Nature, but when it comes to serious issues like deadly molds that can potentially kill us, it’s probably not such a good idea.

Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few treatments lurking around that some swear actually works. However, these so-called at-home applications are not always what they seem.

For instance, bleach is one of the most common household items that is said to eliminate molds like stachybotrys chartarum. But most bleach is diluted enough that it can’t penetrate deep down below the surface where the real problem lies. If however the fungus hasn’t come into contact with a porous surface such as a kitchen or bathroom countertop, then using bleach may actually eliminate the problem.

Some may suggest using a simple mixture of soap and water, but just like the bleach, it can’t penetrate down into the surface and it’s not strong enough to be used as a disinfectant.

Another so-called solution is rubbing alcohol. This is mostly a remedy used for leather items that can’t withstand any harsh chemical treatments. While rubbing alcohol has been used to clean and sterilize the human body, it’s not certain whether it can permanently remove fungus from leather surfaces.

And finally, sunlight has been said to be a natural remedy for black mold removal. However, it’s certainly not an option for many household surfaces or goods. So as you can see, not all black mold removal home remedies are the safest bet when it comes to your health! Please remember to use caution and use your best judgment when it comes to your safety and health.