Mold and Mildew Remover Tips


When it comes to the words mold and mildew remover, many people are often confused. And it’s no wonder with so many mold removal products on today’s market. Everywhere you look there are a variety of mold cleaners. There are bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, products for toxic molds and even eco-friendly fungal removers. The choices are virtually unlimited. And with all of the confusion lies the uncontrollable urge to just grab any cleaner and go. Unfortunately doing so can be a bad choice.

Despite what a manufacturer tries to convince you of, there is a difference between mold and mildew. Mildew is generally harmless, but can cause allergies in people while some molds like black mold are very toxic.

And while a simple black mold removal spray may work on mildews and some molds, it won’t work on the toxic stuff. And speaking of toxic, if you’re concerned about your health and the ozone layer, you’ll definitely want to go with an eco-friendly product. However, whether you decide to use an eco-friendly product or not is your own call since many people have a disagreement on whether or not the product’s ability to permanently remove mold and mildew is valid.

Of course if you’re on a budget you may have heard that bleach works just as well as all of the rest. It does if it’s used on surfaces that are non-porous. Otherwise you’ll be wiping away the fungus again in a matter of a few days. Plus, you’re better off not using bleach since the chemical can cause lung damage and respiratory problems, not to mention it’s bad for the environment.

If you are going to be using a mold spray meant to remove toxic fungus, you need to arm yourself with a respiratory (surgical) mask and a pair of rubber gloves. These items will insure the safety of your health from the toxic spores. You may also want to purchase a sheet of plastic and some tape to seal of the area affected by the moldy spores, which will prevent them from migrating to other areas of your home.

Once the mold cleaner has been applied to the surface area, you should allow it to set for the exact time indicated on the bottle. Otherwise you can risk damaging the surface if you leave it on for too long or the fungus might not be removed if it’s not left on for long enough.

And of course as with any product, you’ll want to read the manufacturers notes since directions may vary. Also, you need to keep in mind that not every product will be safe on all surfaces. Even eco-friendly products can cause damage to some materials like leather. So be sure to read the warning labels and always test the mold and mildew remover in an inconspicuous area if you’re not sure of the reaction to it.

You certainly don’t want that $5000 leather couch to have a nice big ugly spot right in plain sight for all of your friends and family to see, now do you?