How To Kill Black Mold


Toxic black mold is a serious issue no matter where it is found. Not only can it be a health hazard, it can also cause structural damage to buildings. Knowing what signs to look for can help you kill black mold as quickly as possible and keep it at bay.

The most common places where black mold can be found is under the kitchen sink, under the bathroom shower, in the basement and anywhere water damage has occurred. Try looking for the black mold where areas are dark and where there is a source of water nearby. Because mold needs moisture, you should look for any leaks such as piping and have it repaired immediately.

Often times, a musty earthy type smell can indicate that you have mold in your home. A really good example of this would be mold in a basement. And in some cases, the odor is only noticeable when a central air and heating system unit is turned on. Discolored walls and ceilings that are brownish or yellowish could be another indication that you have mold in your home. If you ceilings or walls are cracked or the paint is peeling, it could also mean that you have fungus growing in your home.

Once you’ve discovered where the black mold is growing, the next step is mold removal. Before you can do that however, you must find the source of the water accumulation and take the steps necessary in drying it up. Once it’s dry, you’ll need to seal off the area that’s affected by the mold to prevent the spores from becoming airborne and affecting other areas of your home. You can seal off the area using a sheet of plastic and tape. Don’t forget to cover any doorway vents and other areas that are open in the contaminated room.

Arm yourself with a pair of rubber gloves, goggles and a respiratory mask to keep from coming into physical contact with the toxic fungus.

Next, use a product that is designed specifically for black mold removal and follow the instructions listed on the bottle. If you believe bleach will do the job, don’t. Bleach won’t penetrate below the surface where molds tend to hide.

If you find that the molds are severe, you should call a professional mold removal company to handle the clean up properly. You can check your local yellow pages for a professional or contact your city or state to see if they have a contact list.

Once you know how to kill black mold, you’ll want to prevent future occurrences. A few suggestions that can help are keeping an eye out for water leaks, keeping the humidity under control, making sure there is plenty of ventilation in the home, vacuuming and dusting often to prevent dust accumulation, changing your air-conditioning filter as often as indicated by the manufacturer, using paints that are designed to prevent mold, and investing in an air purification system and a dehumidifier.