Getting Rid of Mold


Are you a little sick and tired of all of the articles on how to remove black mold from your home? Well, so are we. Sure, we know that removing toxic mold from your home is important, but what about all of those other molds? I mean there is a whole lot more fungi out there than just the black stuff, so let’s talk about getting rid of mold that may not be toxic as well, shall we?

First and foremost, we need to make something very clear. Just because your fungus isn’t poisonous, doesn’t mean it’s safe to live with. For one, some mold can cause allergies and others are just plain disgusting to look at. And then there are the molds that can cause damage to materials like wood, carpet and even houseplants.

If you’re unsure of the types of mold that are in your home you can purchase a simple mold home test kit that are generally available in hardware stores and online. Most kits are designed to allow you to place a petri dish where a fungal problem is suspected. Once the suspected molds are obtained, the dish can then be sent to a professional lab where it will be analyzed to identify the specific type.

Once you know what kind of fungus you are dealing with, you can then purchase the right type of mold cleaning product that will remove it. If you’re concerned with the environment, there are numerous products available on the market that are considered green or you can make your own safe cleaners for simple molds.

Green mold cleaners are also ideal for areas where chemicals should not be used such as refrigerators or children’s rooms. Plus they’re safer on your home and your health.

Although it is impossible to remove all mold from your home, there are a few things you can do to help minimize them.

• Consider painting your walls with paint that is resistant to mold.

• Use dehumidifiers to remove as much moisture as possible from the air.

• Use air purifiers to remove mold from the air.

• Have your family remove their shoes before they enter the house so they’re not tracking in dirt, which can harbor mold.

• Consider removing carpets and rugs from your home since they are the perfect breeding ground for mold.

• Have your air ducts cleaned by a professional at least every six months.

• Keep bathrooms free from mold and mildew by opening windows and wiping down the walls of the shower after every use.

• Don’t forget to clean the coils and underneath of your refrigerator every time you clean inside of it.

• Install exhaust fans in your home where moisture easily occurs.

• Consider purchasing a HEPA filter vacuum, which can remove even the tiniest of spores.

• Instead of letting things pile up such as junk mail, keep things under control by cleaning up messes and sorting through the junk as soon as they happen to prevent dust and mold from taking over.

Getting rid of mold doesn’t have to be a major chore and with the above ideas you can reduce fungal buildup and provide you and your family with a safer and much healthier environment.